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Virtual Reality gaining escape velocity

Today we see a perfect storm coming in. VR headsets and gear in general has reached affordable price point, Unity3D framework is easier to use than ever, supports major VR sets out of the box. And also quality of VR headsets is at the level that is both easy to get started with, easy to use and each next iteration will be gaining more and more momentum, as it is good enough today.

There is also a large community of content creators, developers and companies jumping into publishing massive amount of high quality content that you can consume for days, not hours anymore.

User experience standards are gradually converging into something of a best practices set that everybody understands, which is intuitive for beginners and also reducing fatigue and vertigo effects of the early days of VR.

We @Perspectly think that this is The moment for VR, especially in education space. Merged with entertaining content, education will be taken to a whole new level, and our R & D team is dedicated to accelerate this process.