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Where are the good tools?

Have you ever wondered why the tools we use for creating content for VR is mostly (in my opinion) garbage?

If you look at more mature industries, like music creation, 3D animation, video editing, text processors, web design. All of these industries have phenomenal set of tools, most of which are mature, pristine and very helpful.

If you look at VR industry, only tools you get are gaming engines. And the key part here is that, those gaming engines try to cover every platform out there with single codebase, and they fail at that due to internal focus to create for the most important ones, today mainly mobile and consoles.

To begin with, Unity3D, Unreal Engine and Cry Engine are a mishmash of acquisitions, poorly documented, poorly integrated set of sub-tools that do not work together that well without a need of significant investment.

Web based tools, like AWS Sumerian are sub-par due to weak state and performance of WebVR or WebXR protocols that they are based upon.

There is a new set of tools emerging and starting to take their deserved place in VR landscape, tools like Quill, TiltBrush, SculptVR, and all kinds of plugins to existing 3D modeling tools, that allow for rapid modelling and prototyping in VR itself, are giving hope.

Also the fact that Facebook did not purchase Unity3D, and instead went on to create Horizon, might be a signal that the future will be bright. But at the moment we have to live with existing tools and therefore we cannot expect VR to become a commodity, it is just too expensive to create for and the market is still not there.

Chicken and egg situation.